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Sirajganj Feed Mill

The feed mill located at Vodraghat, kamarkhand, Sirajgonj had commercially started from October 2005. The Mill is just 5 kilometers away from the highway which makes the location perfect for both raw material and finish goods dispatch. Total area of feed mill are 12.5 acres of land. The plant is producing all kinds of Poultry Feed, Fish Feed & Cattle feed.

We have invested in state-of-the-art feed mill with world class technology at Sirajgonj Feed mill. The campus have the manufacturing plant. i.) Jiangsu Muyang Group, China & the plant production capacity is 20 ton/hour. ii.) Neotech Projects, India & the plant production capacity is 25 ton/hour. iii.) Extrutech Inc., America, Stolz, France & the plant production capacity is 10 ton/hour. Apart from these manufacturing plant the sirajgonj feed mill campus have installed Premix plant, 2 maize SILO’s, large warehouse to keep Raw material & finish goods and sophisticated lab facilities. Our state- of- the- art laboratory with highly qualified professionals has all the equipment to ensure the quality consistency.

The Feed Mill has its own power source and separate water treatment plants to ensure pure water for feed production and drinking. We are environment friendly and ensure the no of byproduct is released to the environment without proper treatment. Having a nice view of the countryside, we have a strong Safety Culture & strive in all spheres to transform & inculcate this concept in the hearts of our employees. Providing canteen, resting and sports facilities we are also customer-centric towards our stakeholders.