Poultry Feed

We are one of the largest poultry feed manufacturers in Bangladesh. Since 2005, we have been serving the nation by producing Broiler, Layer, Sonali and House Feed and helping recover the protein requirements of Bangladeshi people. Our aim is to optimize feed efficiency, thereby improving feed conversion & egg production leading to maximum profit for our farmer.

Poultry feed specialty:

  • Our poultry feed fulfills the requirements of poultry energy, protein, fat, fiber, salt, calcium, phosphorous, vitamin & mineral that is designed by our skilled local and abroad nutritionist.
  • ACI Godrej Poultry feed is completely free from mycotoxin and heavy metal and that is ensured by our quality expert personnel by the facilities of well-equipped laboratory.
  • Our poultry feed is enriched with different tonic, vitamin and additives, which helps to give best FCR, best egg production, less mortality & give best profit to farmer.
  • Our improved packaging system helps to sustain nutrition quality during storing and transportation period.
  • Our poultry feed produced with world famous automated machinery with computerized system, which gives standard feed shape, size, finishing & less fine particle in feed.