Fish feed

ACI Godrej Fish feed (Floating & Sinking) is capable of attracting fish for intake & have strong binding capability of feed that does not dissolve quickly which help the water quality always remains good.

Fish (Floating & Sinking) feed specialty:

  • Presence of all essential amino acids in proper proportion marks our Feed different and special in market and give best FCR.
  • Our fish feed is free from mycotoxin and heavy metal and maintain standard moisture level that can be preserved long time without affecting fungus, mycotoxin and other microorganism.
  • High quality raw material is used in fish feed that is highly digestible which ensure optimum absorption and having minimum requirement and maximum output.
  • Our Sinking fish feed has good water stability and Floating fish feed ensure 100% float-ability. Fish are able to intake appropriate way.
  • Our Fish feed is produced in automated factory with top quality control system under direct supervision of local & foreign expert nutritionist.