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Cattle Feed

We started Cattle Feed business in August 2008. Due to our lineage, we carry more than 40 years of experience in designing balance formulated cattle feeds. We have a well established Research & Development laboratory which leads to faster product up gradation.

Our objective is to increase milk income of the dairy farmers by increasing productivity of cattle and improving their economic life.

We have different products based on the different requirements of Cattles, based on their genetic potential and phase of lactation cycle. Bypro, our registered trademark product, is the first Bypass Protein formulated Cattle Feed in the country. It has generated a good image among dairy community. It is used for Cross Bred Cows or high yielders. Products like HPMRP are designed specifically for indigenous & low yielding Cattles, Pregnant Cows & Heifers. Meat More is formulated specially for fattening industry.